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Our Services

Browse our services below. For those who are unable to meet in-person, all services can be provided through telecommunication. *Skype, *Zoom, *Facetime, or Google Duo can be used. 

Life Consulting

1 on 1 Consulting is done by our Certified Life Purpose Life Coach who specializes in Personal Success.  She is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal life goals! If you would like to plan a consultation click here to get started. https://bloomlifeconsulting.com/bookings

Clinical Support Services 

Clinical Support Services include:

Abuse/PTSD Support

Adolescent Support

Anger & Aggression Support

Relationship Support

Click here https://bloomlifeconsulting.com/clinical-support-services to learn more. 

Public Speaking

Motivational Public Speaking Topics:

Surviving Homeschooling   

Balancing Family, Life, and Goals

Avoiding Entrepunuerial burnout

Getting you FIRED UP for your Journey!

Laying the foundation to be emotionally and mentally successful.

 For more information email [email protected]

Upcoming events

Homeschool Round Table

*How to get started

*Keeping the kids engaged

*Debunking myths 

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6:00PM -8:00PM EST

Packing Blessing Bags for the Homeless

We are collecting and packing items to help ease the burden of homelessness and starvation. Anything helps. Visit https://www.bloomlifeconsulting.com/community-service 

to see how you can help today.

March 21st, 2021 

3:00PM-5:00PM EST